Top Unix Blogs You Need To Bookmark – UPDATED 2018

Looking forward to start with Unix or gain deep insight but too exhausted to search for. You have landed at the right place. Whatever you need, you will find it right here.

    News for the Open Source Professional.
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Blog
    Your official source for the latest information on Red Hat’s IT infrastructure products, offerings, and solutions
  • Kali Linux Blog
    Kali Linux is an open source project that is maintained and funded by Offensive Security, a provider of world-class information security training and penetration testing services. In addition to Kali Linux, Offensive Security also maintains the Exploit Database and the free online course, Metasploit Unleashed.

  • Tecmint – Linux Howtos, Tutorials and Guides
    This blog publishes high quality articles on FOSS (Free Open Source Software) technologies regularly. As a noob or even as an experienced user, Tecmint articles are very helpful in your day to day tasks.
  • nixCraft — Linux Tips, Hacks, Tutorials, And Ideas In Blog
    NixCraft is an online community of new and seasoned Linux / Unix sysadmins who want to make the most of sysadmin-hood.
  • The Linux Foundation
    The Linux Foundation is dedicated to building sustainable ecosystems around open source projects to accelerate technology development and industry adoption. The Linux Foundation hosts projects spanning enterprise IT, embedded systems, consumer electronics, cloud, networking, and more.
  • Linux, InfoSec, Hacking – blackMORE Ops
    Source for Kali Linux, Hacking, How to Guides and Tutorials.
  • CloudLinux
    For Hosting Providers and Data Centers
  • Linux Academy Blog
    Linux and cloud training platform.
  • SysTutorials
    SysTutorials publishes tutorials and news on Linux, Software, Programming, Web and more related topics.
  • GoLinuxHub
    SysAdmin Tutorial Guide
  • Linuxtopia
    Linuxtopia is an extensive online resource for anyone learning or deploying enterprise level open source technology. Whether you are a C, C++, Java or Web developer, a system or database administrator, hardware engineer or a security specialist you will find Linuxtopia to be an indispensable source of technical information.
  • LinOxide – Linux / Opensource HowTos And Tutorials
    LinOxide is a blog platform where we publish howto articles and guides on linux and unix based distros. This portal will include tips & tricks, command line commands, opensource tools and server administration on FOSS (Free Open Source Software) technologies.
  • Linux Journal
    Linux Journal, currently celebrating its 24th year of publication, is the original magazine of the global Open Source community.
  • Linux Today
    Linux News on Internet Time
  • Cronweekly
    A weekly newsletter for Linux and Open Source sysadmins
  • OSTechNix
    Open Source Technology – Linux And Unix
  • LinuxInsider
    Linux News and Information from Around the World
  • Linux Security Blog
    This blog mainly focus on online security.
  • Kali Linux Tutorials
    More news on Kali Linux
  • Unix As A Second Language
    Advice for everyday Unix systems administration and some clever ways to approach more challenging problems.
  • Linux Hint
    Get The Latest Linux and FOSS Tech News
  • Linux Secrets
    The source for Linux information
  • LinuxTechi is a website that provides best collection of opensource Linux Tutorials and Guides , moreover it also provides linux system admin interview questions and answers for begineers and experience professionals.
  • ArchLabs Linux
    News, updates and announcements concerning ArchLabs!
  • It’s FOSS blog
    The aim of It’s FOSS is to increase the number of Linux desktop users and that aim is achieved by helping them to solve various issues one might encounter. Tutorials are written keeping beginners in mind with screenshots and proper steps.
  • NoobsLab
    Ubuntu/Linux News, Reviews, Tutorials, Apps
  • The Linux Juggernaut
    Get updates on Linux/Devops tips, tricks, mini How-to’s etc
  • Linux News Sites 2018
    Popular Linux News
  • Distrowatch
    DistroWatch is a website dedicated to talking about, reviewing and keeping up to date with open source operating systems.
  • TheLinuxDaily
    Tutorials, Guides, Tips, and Tricks from Everyday Experiences
  • Gaming On Linux
    GamingOnLinux is the home of Linux and SteamOS gaming. Covering Linux Games, SteamOS, Reviews and more.
  • Kernel Talks
    Kerneltalks aims at covering basic tasks (L1, L2) of Linux and Unix system administrators. You may not find detailed high level coding/configs/articles on Linux/Unix but you will always find basic things here.
  • Guru99 | Linux/Unix Tutorial for Beginners
    This tutorial is for absolute beginner’s guide to Linux.
  • LinuxTechLab
    Linux Devops Tutorial, Scripting tutorials, how to’s , Tips & Tricks

Think that I missed something? Please leave your opinions in Comments section below.

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